Barbieri - Costruzioni Meccaniche

impianti e macchine di trasporto e sollevamento

Barbieri, a long-established company

more than 100 years of experience in materials handling

Barbieri Costruzioni Meccaniche has been operating in the national and international markets for more than 100 years, constantly meeting industry's needs for development, design and construction of machinery for bulk and packaged materials handling.
The most important products that Barbieri has developed over the years are:
  • rubber belt conveyors
  • slide bed belt conveyors
  • redler chain conveyors
  • table-top conveyors
  • overhead chain conveyors
  • V-belt conveyors
  • trough screw conveyors
  • tubular screw conveyors
  • movable conveyors
  • conveyors for accumulating bulk materials
  • bucket belt elevators
  • bucket chain elevators
  • hoppers
  • idle roller conveyors
  • powered roller conveyors
  • roller/chain diverters
  • lifting platforms
  • powered curves
  • shuttles
  • automatic pallet lifting and lowering elevators
  • automatic transport lines
Over the years Barbieri has consolidated its market position and has served companies operating in a wide range of different segments, including chemical companies, sugar factories, glassworks, agro-industrial companies, cement works, quarries, mechanical and general contractors manufacturers, agricultural firms, cork producers and sea ports. We are also suppliers to leading plant manufacturers that incorporate our machines in process plants in Italy and abroad.

We produce to order so as to meet our customers' requirements with the greatest flexibility.
Most machines are built and assembled entirely in our workshop with the support of external suppliers for semi-finished products and surface treatments.

Orders for an individual machine receive the same attention as those for a complete transport line and we are ready to develop special solutions that fully satisfy your requirements.